• Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) has a longstanding history of providing the very highest standards of care to patients dealing with complex medical condition
  • The unit cares for patients who have lung disease, infections, kidney and liver conditions, gastrointestinal complications and overdose.
  • MICU is also are specialized in providing continuous monitoring of Hypoglycemia patient for monitoring of glucose level.
  • Most patients stay an average of four days in the unit, but some patients undergoing more complex treatment may remain longer before being transferred. Once they no longer need intensive care, most patients are moved to a general medical/surgical unit or one that has some continued level of monitoring.
  • MICU is known as step down Unit where CCU Patients are being shifted to MICU after they are being stable.
  • MICU is also equipped with Eight Semi –Electrical Beds, Eight Monitors, Infusion Pumps, C-pap, B-pap Machines.
  • Blood transfusions, Thrombolization, Ascites tapping, Pleural fluid tapping, Lumbar puncture etc. Procedures are also performed in MICU.
  • Post-Operative patient, post Angiogram patients are also been kept in MICU for continuous monitoring for complications.