Symptoms and Treatment of Piles (Hemorrhoids)

What is Piles or Hemorrhoids

Piles is a very common issue in the society or a disease in the society. It is also called Hemorrhoids in scientific language.

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symptoms of Piles

These hemorrhoids or the piles are nothing but the blood vessels which are hanging down at the anal part that gives bleeding or pain or itching. They may happen in children or adult people or elderly people.

They have a complaint of constipation and they have a type A personality where they may have the bleeding with the fisher also. So we have to take care about the bleeding at anal canal because that may be alarming to the patient and they comes to the surgeons.

Investigation of Piles

When a patient comes with the history of bleeding or itching or the pain, they are examined with the proper tools. We come to a conclusion that the patient may be suffering with hemorrhoids or piles or fistulas or the fishers. When we confirm the disease, we ask the patient to go for investigations like blood or urine examinations or fitness for surgery like cardiac, ECG and X-rays and other things. If the Fistula is a problem then we ask the patients to go for a fistula MRI fistulogram which is a special investigation. Fistula is nothing but a communication between the anal verge to the rectum. If the patient is having discharging puss through a small tract it is called as fistula. So they come with all these problems and we examine the patient, investigate the patient and as well we advise the treatment options.

Treatment of piles

Majorly patients go to the other alternative medicines like ayurveda, homeopathy, unani or Siddha and other things. They will try to make the symptom less with those syrups or powders. But as the disease progress they come to the surgeons. We surgeons always offer them the permanent treatment. Of course there are complications or the recurrences that may happens. But majority of the people get very good result with the laser. The laser surgery is the latest surgery for the proctology.

St. Theresa’s hospital is having a well equipped laser unit as well as the consultants who are doing laser surgery exclusively for the ana proctology and varicose veins. So this lasers are going to be used to treat the piles where it is going to coagulate and immediately it is going to disappear and in the fistula tracts as well. It is almost like a minimally invasive surgery or minimal kind of the surgery so there is less pain and early recovery is possible and patients can go home next morning to their offices also. The only thing they have to be carefull about is about the hygiene at that area and antibiotics especially in the fistulas and as well as diet or the lifestyle modifications

Prevention of Piles

So most of the times the constipation should be avoided by taking lot of water and yoga or exercise and lot of fibre diet in your menu. Especially for those IT people who take midnight biryani or midnight junk food. They confuse their body gastrointestinal tract and they causes themselves constipation. When there is a constipation and when they try to pass the motion there may be a chance of severe pain like a blade cutting pain or the bleeding so avoid them consciously with your health. Take lot of salads lot of water and every day morning exercise that’s more than sufficient. Respect the body’s biological clock. Whenever there is hunger eat, when there is no hunger don’t eat. And sleeping is also very very important.

So our team is ready here to take all the cases of the laser surgeries for the anaproctology in the department of general laser laparoscopic surgery Saint Theresa Hospital Sanatnagar Hyderabad.