Our Department of Urology is a multidisciplinary unit, more than capable of dealing with the most complex of kidney problems. The department of Urology also consists of Urologists who help treat patients with Urology disorders, which involves treatment through surgical means on urinary tract and reproductive system.

Our Urology department is known for its wide range of treatments. From Congenital disorders/disabilities to varying treatments in kidney and bladder stones’ diseases, as well as cancer care, management of incontinence, infertility and erectile dysfunction and related disorders are some of the areas where we excel.

Our broad scope of treatments and diagnosis makes us one of the best Nephrology and Urology hospitals in Hyderabad. St Theresa’s Hospital is also known as the best kidney hospital in Hyderabad. Other vital treatments like Lithotripsy, Endo-urology, TURP and laparoscopic urological surgeries are performed regularly as well.

Our Nephrology and Urology centre has put to use the most sophisticated technology for surgical treatments as well as having the most advanced platform when it comes to minimally invasive surgeries found anywhere today. The team of nephrologists and Urologists at Hyderabad’s St Theresa’s Hospital are highly trained from the various, quality centres across the globe in the field. Our Nephrologists and Urologists work hard towards solving problems of patients, especially those suffering from different kidney and genitourinary tract diseases.

Our Experts

Dr. Raveendra Reddy

Dr. Raveendra Reddy




Dr. Prasad

Dr. Prasad PVGS





Experience – 11 Years


Dr. Gopikishore

Dr. Gopi Kishore

MS, Mch(Urology)


Consultant Urologist


Experience – 20 Years


Diseases & Conditions

Stones in the Urinary Tract

Urinary tract stones are hard deposits of mineral that form in the kidney. They might grow bigger in the ureter or bladder. It can block the flow of urine and cause infection, pain, or bleeding

Urological Cancers

Urological Cancers Disease are Kidney Tumour, Penile Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Bladder Cancer

Stricture Urethra

If the urethra is narrowed down due to an inflammation or infection, the flow of urine can be blocked. This is referred to as Stricture urethra.

Prostate Health

3D illustration showing viruses infecting prostate gland which develops cancerous tumor

Kidney Failure

End-stage rennal disease (ESRD) occurs when the kidneys lose their functional ability to filter out waste from water. It is the last stage of chronic kidney disease.

Female Urology

Some common female urological conditions are Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), incontinence after pregnancy, pelvic floor dysfunction, and pelvic organ prolapse.

Pediatric Urology Disease

Some of the commonly seen conditions include bladder exstrophy, cloacal anomalies, hernias, congenital defects such as duplex kidneys (incomplete or otherwise abnormal development of the genital organs), kidney stones

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Modular OTs

Hospital houses Modular Operation Theaters which have all the facilities to conduct an error free surgery


With advanced Imaging diagnostics equipment within the hospital, patients need not go anywhere else

Urology Services

Advanced Urology Treatment ​

Advanced Urology Treatment

The Best Urology center and advanced treatment for urological diseases pertaining to kidneys, ureter, bladder, prostate and male reproductive system with excellent diagnosis and affordable cost of kidney transplant in India

St. Theresas Hospital is one of the best urology hospitals in Hyderabad offering the best urology treatment & diagnosis for all types of diseases by top urologists in India. St. Theresas hospital brings a wide range of expertise in urology department that has helped us grow into the top urology care center in India.

Institute of Urology at St Theresas Hospitals has acquired the most recent 100 Watt laser technology, which is used for bloodless surgeries for all types of stone diseases (kidney stones) irrespective of their size and hardness. The urodynamic facility, IITV with DSA facility, world-class lithotripter with both sonographic and fluoroscopic localization are available to treat all kinds of urinary diseases at the most economical rates. Significantly, the institute has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for robotic urosurgeries including kidney transplant and post-surgical intensive care. It has a well-equipped pediatric and neonatal ICU. Also, the institute has the expertise to offer renal biopsies and dialysis to neonates also.

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