Patient Guide

Patients and Visitors Guide


  • Right to information in an understandable language, education about the patients healthcare needs and expected cost of treatment.
  • Right to personal dignity and privacy during examination, procedures and treatment.
  • Right to protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  • Right to refusal of treatment.
  • Right to informed consent before any procedure / surgery / treatment.
  • Right to information on safe and effective use of medication and the potential side effects of the medication.
  • Right to confidentiality of patient information.
  • Right to information on infection, specific diseases process, complication and prevention strategies.
  • Right to information on diet and nutrition and food drug interaction.
  • Right to access clinical records.
  • Right to express complain or grievances and to get them redressed.


  • To provide correct and truthful medical history and personal details of the patient.
  • To communicate to the doctor when not able to understand treatment given or considering alternative therapy.
  • To abide by all hospital rules and regulations.
  • To inform the authorities if the patient’s condition worsens or does not follow expected course.
  • To pay for services in a timely manner as per hospital policies.
  • To follow the prescribed treatment plan.
  • To accept, where applicable, adaptations to the environment to ensure safe and secure stay in hospital.
  • To accept the measures taken by hospital to ensure privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
  • To attend follow up appointments as requested.
  • To keep the hospital property clean. Relatives are not allowed to bathe / wash clothes in the hospital.
  • To refrain from spitting, chewing gum / Gutka / pan, smoking and consumption of alcohol.
  • To avoid loud speaking and respect silence zones.
  • To conserve energy, water and be Eco friendly.

Hospital Holidays

Important Numbers

Help Desk Extension no: 342
Ambulance services 23701013
Laboratory 310
Accounts 341
24 Hrs Help Line 040-21 22 23 24
Blood bank 333

Hospital Holidays

 15th January 2020 Makara Sankranthi
26th January 2020 Republic Day
10th  April 2020 Good Friday
25th  May 2020 Ramzan
15th August 2020 Independence Day
22nd August 2020 Shri Ganesh Chaturthi
02nd October 2020 Gandhi Jayanthi
13th November 2020 Diwali
25th December 2020 Christmas

Timing : Admission Desk – 7am to 8pm

Emergency Desk – 8pm to

Admission :

Admission Deposit 
Deposit varies as per class of bed / rooms availailable.. All charges are as per Schedule of charges & subject to revision without prior notice. Necessary deposit to be paid at cash counter in billing Room no – 42 at the time of admission.

The deposit receipt has to be preserved until the discharge.

Timings Room no 19 8am to 6pm
Counter No 50 8am  to 4pm


Admission for Surgery :
Patients can get admitted on the previous day of surgery by 6pm with fitness certificate and reports. Planned surgeries require full deposit.

Contact Insurance desk for approximate expenses & deposit.

Medicine on Credit :
Available for Fathers,Sisters. For others  onon request basis payment of additional deposit.

Date of Admission (DOA) :
If admitted prior to 12noon. DOA is charged as full day & if after 12noon as half day.

Date of Discharge (DOD) :
If all discharge procedures are cleared prior to 2pm it will be charged as half day, otherwise as full day.

Birth Records :
Particulars of birth records to be filled in correctly to avoid discrepancies. Birth certificates to be collected by the relatives and family members from GHMC within 15 days.

Consultants : 
We have competent doctors as consultants on our panel. At the time of admission, the patient is referred to the respective consultant or / any other consultant in his/her absence. Every consultant has junior doctors who would assist in the treatment.

Consultants would make visits on a daily basis or as per requirement.

Credit facility for company patients : 
If the company/organization that the patient is currently employed with enjoys credit facility with our hospital, then at the time of admission the patient is required to produce an authorization letter for credit at the Admission Counter.

Items to be brought along

Patients who are to be admitted are expected to bring along their own toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, soap and towels. These can also be purchased from our canteen.

Visiting : 
On payment of required admission deposit, two passes are issued per patient at admission counter. Pass to be surrendered at the time of discharge to the security.

Visiting hours :

Ward’s –Food Pass Timings 

7:00am   to   9:00am

12:00noon  to   2:00pm

7:00 pm   to   9:00 pm

Only 2-3 visitors are allowed at a time per patient in Wards.


Valuables : 
The hospital will not be responsible for the loss of any valuables – money, mobiles or ornaments etc. from the hospital premises.

Cafeteria :
Cafeteria is available for visitors outside the hospital

Deluxe / Single / Cubile / General

1.  Delux Room:

T.V, A.C and Attached Bath Room and very Spacious with attender Bed.

2.Single Room:

T.V and Attender Bed, Attached bath Room including attender Bed. Thereis A/C and Non-A/C facility available.

3.Cubicle is available with attender bed.

Visiting :

On payment of required admission deposit, two passes are issued per patient at admission counter. Children below 10 years are not allowed inside as visitors. Pass to be surrendered at the time of discharge to the security.

Visiting Hours :


Weekdays 4pm – 7pm. Only 2-3 visitors are allowed at a time per patient in Wards.
Sunday’s 10am – 11.30am 4pm – 7pm
ICU/CCU 5pm – 6pm (7 days a week) One at a time for three responsible persons with visiting pass only )
  • ICCU
  • CCU
  • NICU
  • PICU
  • Operation Theater             


(Picture to Inserted)

We have an Intensive Care Unit with Air conditioned and modern facilitites…

Facilities Include :

  • Well equipped and experience team of Doctor’s & Nurses round the clock.
  • State-of-the-art bedside and Central Monitors, Ventilators, Defibrillators.
  • 24 hour Blood Gas Analyzer, Cardiac Pacing facility.
  • Haemo-dialysis machine.
  • There is a comfortable waiting area outside the ICU.

Critical Care Unit ( CCU)

We have Spacious with 10 beds critical care unit advanced ventilator facilities…. Consists of…

  • Central Monitor
  • Ventilators
  • Defibrillators
  • Ecg Machine
  • ABG Machine
  • Ultrasound guided portable Machine
  • Haemodialysis machine
  • Central oxygen and Suction and Air compressor
  • Fully Air Conditioned
  • Germon made Arjohunt Remote beds.

Pastoral Care

We have a team (Priest and sisters), who are always available at the request of any patient or their relatives to give spiritual and psychological support They regularly visit the sick and pray for them and give them assistance to cope up with their pains and sufferings.

We have daily Eucharistic celebration in our chapel at – 6.50pm.

Billing & Accounts


The Deposit Schedule and the Schedule of charges for the different rooms are available at the Admission Counter. The charges for the various services and facilities would depend upon the class of room you select. Rooms are charged from midnight to midnight.

Date of Admission charged as:

Time of Admission Day of Admission charged as
Admitted before 12.00 noon 1 day
Admitted after 12pm ½ day, minimum 1day charges


“Also,  Admission & Discharge within 24 hrs is charged as one day.”

General information :

  • All payments to the hospital to be made in Cash/DD/PO/NEFT/RTGS only. Credit and Debit cards are accepted.
  • Cheques are accepted from companies. On exceptional cases personal cheques are accepted subject to realization
  • Credit and Debit cards payments attract 2% additional charges for only IP payments, as patients can opt for other cost free payment modes


Financial assistance is made available to those patients who cannot afford to pay for their hospital stay, at our Social Service Employee as she comes round and visit the patients.

We also offer ATM facility in the hospital premises near the main hospital gate on right Side.

Please Note – Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hospital premises.

St.Theresa’s Hospital is eligible to receive donations from Indian & foreign nationals under the provisions of 12A of Indian Income Tax Act,1961..

The Donations from Indian nationals are received in the form of a crossed cheque or demand draft favoring ‘St.Theresa’s Hospital’

St.Theresa’s Hospital is registered under the State and Central government. 

For queries, please Contact Finance office : 040 23701013.

Bio Medical Engineering

The Biomedical engineering department of St.Theresa’s Hospital yet to be started. All the medical equipments of the hospital are technically channelized through this department with engineering expertise. This department deals with maintenance and upkeep of variety of latest sophisticated equipments used by various specialties for patient care. The department is manned by a team of skilled and qualified biomedical engineers, led by a chief biomedical engineer.

The proliferation of electronic and associated equipment in all branches of clinical medicine demands that this department be available for ensuring its proper Use, Procurement, Maintenance and Validation.

Electrical :

We have one trained and experienced electrician and helper are in the department. As and when required electrical works, repairs and maintenance of generator will be done by them…

Plumbing and Carpentry

In St.Theresa’s Hospital there are trained and experienced plumbers and carpenters who does the work in the hospital according to  the requirement of the hospital.



  • Theresa’s hospital has highly qualified Dieticians who prescribe specific and therapeutic diets depending on medical condition of the patient.
  • A spacious and well maintained kitchen which supplies healthy and nutritious diet to patients as well as staff and DNB Students. Patients are served as per the prescribed diet.The timings are as follows:
  • Breakfast –
  • Tea / Milk –
  • Lunch – 12.30pm
  • Tea – 3pm
  • Dinner – 7pm
  • Milk – 9pm
  • Patients are provided meals in their respective rooms, while for visitors there is a cafeteria out side   the hospital premises.

House keeping

  • The rooms and wash rooms are cleaned twice daily with the recommended disinfectants by the infection control team, by our skilled Housekeeping staff under the expert supervision and guidance of their in charges.
  • Since a hygienic Environment is essential for your health. We maintain the standard as per NABH norm. Help us maintain our standards.
  • We take pride in serving you. Giving tips in any kind is strictly prohibited.

Laundry and Linen

  • In house laundry where clothes are washed to clinical perfection, bed linen are cleansed with prescribed disinfectant and soap solution, dried and ironed with no scope for infection.

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Book your appointment online with the top specialist doctors at St Theresa’s Hospital. Get the best medical consultation & treatment with the best doctors in Hyderabad

Schedule an Appointment.

Book your appointment online with the top specialist doctors at St Theresa’s Hospital. Get the best medical consultation & treatment with the best doctors in Hyderabad

Customers Testimonials

“The best hospital in the city in budget and very Systematic. Staff is so humble, patience, helpful and care taking.
A Special thanks to Ms.Rita who was very humble, helped a lot and took care as a Family person”

Sai Kiran • Hyderabad

“The hospital which my parents trust the most since 26 years even today though many new hospitals have come still we all the family members go to only Theresas Hospital
A big thumb-sup for this hospital from all our family. :-)”

Ranukunta Sarojasree • Hyderabad

“If there is one affordable corporate hospital in Hyderabad, then that is ST Theresa’s. Good administration. Nice mixture if Sr and Jr doctors. But the support staff is lovable here.”

Gnaneshwar Raju• Secunderabad