• Theresa’s hospital is well-known for quality patient care for decades, but the Quality Journey as per NABH requirements started in 2016 .
  • The initial phase involved understanding the infrastructural needs to suit the requirements.
  • Secondly, a budget was set aside for the improvements in infrastructure and quality Implementation.

—Thirdly, qualified staffs were recruited to ensure continuous training and review of processes

Changes and Benefits

  • Construction of STP Plant
  • Modification of Pharmacy and Registration Department
  • Construction of the Canteen and Renovation of the Kitchen complex
  • Modification of the DNB Quarters
  • Construction of Cath-lab &CSSD
  • Renovation of ICCU
  • Renovation of the Private Rooms
  • Construction of Diabetic Foot Clinic
  • Construction of Emergency Casualty
  • Implementation of Signages
  • Hospital front area face lifting
  • Biomedical Engineering Department
  • Digitalization of Medical Records
  • Infection Control Department
  • Implementing the New Suvarna Software

Recruitment of qualified professionals

Major Changes after the 1st assessment of the NABH

  • Construction of the 3 Laminar Flow Theaters in the OT premises
  • Construction of the Speech Therapy and Audio Metry Department
  • Disabled patients Toilet constructed
  • Renovation of the Private Rooms A Block
  • Construction of the Washing area for the Canteen
  • Modification of the Food serving area in the kitchen
  • Setting of the Cold Storage area for the vegetable preservations
  • Modification of the CSSD wash area and Unidirectional flow
  • Purchase of the Various New Equipments for the theatres for advanced surgeries.
  • Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeries going on in the modular Theatre
  • Advertising the Hospital in Various Places of the City.
  • Upgrading the Wards and Departments with more Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Another New R.O Water plant is Installed for the CSSD and Theatres
  • Capturing the Data for Managerial Indicators and Clinical Indicators