• COVID-19 Ward is a specialized ward which is specially designed for COVID-19 patients
  • The ward is designed in a such a way that the spread of infection is restricted
  • There are three COVID-19 wards like COVID General Ward, COVID Intensive Care Unit and COVID Private Rooms.
  • Depending up on the condition of the patient they are admitting in different wards
  • In COVID-19 ward there is fully restriction of attenders hence the total care is given by the nurses
  • Hence St. Theresa’s Management has provided the Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical & House Keeping staff as COVID WARRIORS.
  • Those who are treating the COVID Positive patients for them Management have provided Specialized PPE KITS to prevent the cross infection.
  • Separate room is arranged for Donning and Doffing for used PPE KITS to prevent infection to others.
  • The COVID Ward staffs are given more remuneration for their services given to the COVID-19 patients.
  • Hence the staffs working in COVID-19 ward food, tea & snakes are arranged in special rooms for them.
  • During Covid 19 pandemic the Portable X-ray machine is purchased to for COVID-19 patients to prevent the cross infection.
  • After each patient is discharged the ward is sanitized with Hypochlorite solutions.
st.theresas covid19 ward