• Acute medical care unit is a specialized unit were most of the acute condition’s patients are admitted
  • The conditions include Acute Kidney disease, Cirrhosis of liver, Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia, Seizures, CVA etc patients are admitting in Acute medical care.
  • Acute medical care is fully equipped with all the facilities include Advanced monitors to monitor the Heart Rate, Respiratory rate, Temperature as well as Saturations of the patients.
  • The equipment’s which are present in the Acute medical care Include BI-PAP, CI-PAP, Infusion Pumps, Glucometers, Electrical beds which are easy to accesses
  • All the patients are usually bed ridden cases were most of the patients are admitted for End of Life Care.
  • Hence in AMC there are ALFA Beds and Water BEDS Which prevent the patient from Pressure ulcers
  • There are also side rails available to the electrical beds which will prevent the patient from fall.