Blood Bank

Blood is always in short supply and the ability to separate and supply only those components that patients need, leads to efficient use of this precious resource. With a Blood Bank and Blood component laboratory, We are therefore able to supply both whole blood as well as its components such as packed cells, fresh frozen plasma, platelet concentrate, cryoprecipitate and saline washed packed cells. It is the most effective way of optimum, safe and economical use of blood, since a number of patients could be treated with the same unit of blood. Blood bank in St.Theresa’s hospital set its own internal quality parameters .

The Hi-tech Blood Bank and Component Separation Unit.

  • It got License
  • Member of Rotary Club
  • State of the art equipments such as fully automated walkway Abbott Architect .
  • Provide routine & emergency grouping & cross matching services.
  • A day-care transfusion service is available for transfusion of blood &
    blood components.
  • Preparation, storage and quality control of blood components with stringent protocols.
  • Components such as packed RBC, Platelets, cryoprecipitate and Fresh Frozen
  • Plasma are available for OP also.
  • 24/ 7 Services Available.

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